Social Distancing Things to Do in Asheville and Western North Carolina

Social Distancing Things to Do in Asheville and Western NC

*** We are not promoting travel to Western NC at this time and strongly recommend you stay home, stay safe, and stop the spread of COVID-19 in this region. See why staying home can save lives. Please review the recommendations of the NCDHHS and the CDC on social distancing

See our Coronavirus Updates for Western North Carolina for advisories, closures, and more. Many trails and parks are now closed in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Hiking Etiquette 101 & Social Distancing on Trails
Practice the following hiking etiquette with some simple modifications to prevent close contact with other hikers. If passing or yielding to fellow hikers, give them a heads up and let them know you’re going to create a 6 ft clearance between the two of you as you pass. Avoid touching trailhead stations where others may have taken maps or touched the plexiglass display. Carry hand sanitizer with you and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible throughout the hike. 

  • Do not go hiking if you feel sick, have a fever or cough
  • Go early or late to avoid crowds
  • Keep a 6 ft distance from other hikers
  • Yield to uphill traffic
  • Stay to the right, pass to the left
  • Leave no trace
  • Keep your dogs leashed

Social Distancing Things to Do in Western North Carolina

Scenic Drives
18 Scenic Drives
See gorgeous countryside, mountain views and charming communities on a windshield tour via national and state scenic byways near Asheville. Lots of opportunities for stops along the way. 
Blue Ridge Parkway Top 50
Blue Ridge Parkway Top 50
Drive the Parkway north or south from Asheville and quickly climb the Blue Ridge Mountain ridge. You can reach elevations of 5,000+ ft. Our mile-by-mile guide of the Parkway covers the 193-mile section near Asheville. So many things to do along one of the most scenic drives in the United States.
Waterfalls Top 60
Waterfalls Top 60
Of hundreds of waterfalls near Asheville, we picked the most spectacular falls that are easy to find. Some can be enjoyed with a short walk or even roadside. Others require a scenic hike. See full descriptions for each, with plenty of photos! Also see Waterfall Drives & Maps.
Mountain Hikes Top 60
Best 75 Mountain Hikes
There are thousands of miles of hiking trails near Asheville, many of which are in pristine national forests or parks. We picked our favorites and created extensive guides for each with photos and details. Find hikes for all skill levels in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.
We have the perfect picnic spot for any occasion! Take a backpack on a hike to a waterfall or picnic atop a mountain summit with panoramic views. You could also stop along the Blue Ridge Parkway and spread a blanket on the grass. While there are many designated picnic areas along the Parkway and in the national forests surrounding Asheville, you can also create your own picnic spot.

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