Biltmore Winery & Tasting

Biltmore Winery & Wine Tasting

A guided tour and tasting at the Biltmore Winery are included in your admission ticket to the estate. Whether you're interested in tasting wine, learning more about the art and science of winemaking, or just relaxing with some delicious food and wine in a beautiful setting, don't miss the Winery! The main winery entrance is in Antler Hill Village. It's located adjacent to the Inn at Biltmore Estate and the new Village Hotel.

Begin your winery experience by taking a stroll underground through the historic cellars of the former Biltmore Dairy to an impressive tasting room where gracious wine hosts guide you through a complimentary wine tasting of robust reds, refreshing rosés, and crisp whites. Grape juice is also available so all ages can enjoy. Discover gourmet foods, cooking accessories, and other treats in the Wine Shop. For a free guided tour, check in at the front entrance, across the store from the tasting room, to get your time slot.

Biltmore Winery

Choose from 20+ wines to sample, incluing Riesling, Chardonnay, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot.

Vanderbilt's Car
Discover a rare 1913 Stevens-Duryea Model “C-Six” seven-passenger touring car on display at the Winery. This car is the only one purchased by George Vanderbilt that remains in The Biltmore Company’s collection, and is believed to be one of only 10 known existing in the world today.

Biltmore Winery Tour

Special Winery Tours

Premium Tasting
Tucked in the back of the Wine Shop you'll find the Premium Tasting Counter, where you may sample reserve and sparkling wines for a nominal cost.

Vine to Wine Tour
On this seasonal guided tour (May-October), discover how Biltmore grapes become award-winning wines. Visit areas on the estate not normally seen by guests, including a trip to the vineyards and a walking production tour. Sample wine tastings conclude with a grand tasting. Saturday & Sunday 1:45 PM. Purchase tickets ($85/person) by 11 AM day of tour. Read more about it.

Red Wine and Chocolate Seminar
Be guided through a tasting of red wines paired with chocolate truffles. Learn about the red wine making process and why chocolate and red wine are considered a natural pairing. Tickets ($20/person) must be purchased prior to scheduled event.

Sparkling Romance Tour
Experience the entire process of making sparkling wine, from grape selection to bottling. Finish with an exclusive tasting of each of our méthode champenoise sparkling wines. Tickets $25/person.

Go to the Biltmore Estate website for current deals and to purchase discounted tickets online.

Biltmore Wine Tasting Tips

  • Feel free to ask your host questions about the wines and wine tasting.
  • Wine tasting is a social activity, so feel free to talk about what you see, smell, and taste.
  • Notice the clarity of good wines as you hold them to the light.
  • Place your nose at the rim of the glass and inhale deeply to catch the wine's "bouquet."
  • Hold the wine on your tongue a few seconds; then whistle in to take advantage of additional flavors released by exposure to the air.
  • Notice the more full-bodied taste of red wines and the aftertaste that lingers in your mouth, a sure sign of a good wine.
  • Most of all, have fun!

Vineyards are lined with grass row middles to prevent erosion. They use organic fungicides, such as sulfur and copper, whenever possible and irrigate vines with water from nearby Long Valley Lake. The Winery is powered in part by a six-acre, 1.2-megawatt solar panel system. Grape byproducts such as stems and must are used for mulching and compost, and retired barrels are cut in half and reused as planters across the estate and repurposed into cork recycling barrels wine racks to display our wines at retailers.

Cork forests are a sustainable, regenerating product which make natural corks the most sustainable wine closure on the market. The cork forests are threatened by the influx of alternate wine closures such as screw caps and synthetic corks. Cork forests have a large positive environmental impact, so keeping them sustainable is important to us. You can recycle your cork at Biltmore's gift shops, winery and restaurants.

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