Top Wellness Experiences in and around Asheville

Top Wellness Experiences in and around Asheville

With a long history of holistic health and well-being, Western North Carolina is the perfect place to practice self-care, whether it’s a week-long wellness retreat or a one-day experience. From the high concentration of experienced, certified, world-class yoga teachers and licensed and insured massage therapists and bodyworkers, Asheville is home to some of the most gifted holistic practitioners in the nation. (Feature photo: Salt Flotation at Still Point Wellness)

Unique Wellness Experiences in Western NC

Yoga & Meditation Retreats
Asheville is a mecca for holistic health and well-being with a variety of wellness retreats that allow you to disconnect from your stress and fully engage yourself in restorative care for body, mind, and spirit. Many retreats are offered in tranquil settings offering mountain views and natural scenery with trees, trails, rivers, and even waterfalls. Each retreat center has their own offerings with unique perks and amenities. Some amenities include farm-to-table dinners cooked by a chef, indoor and outdoor yoga spaces, communal areas, lush gardens, and even farmland with animals. Activities can include yoga, tai chi, belly dancing, guided meditation, art workshops, cooking classes, and more. Healing arts and therapy services like massage, Reiki, guided meditation, reflexology, sound healing, movement and dance, astrology reading, and much more. You can customize your own personal retreat or choose all-inclusive packages. Read more about Healing Arts and Top Places to Practice Yoga in Asheville.

Yoga Hikes & Forest Bathing: There are a number of guided wellness tours that incorporate both yoga, meditation, and healing within the natural landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This forest bathing experience allows you to soak in nature including waterfalls, and views and connect with nature for a rejuvenating experience. Hikes also include the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail. 

Forest Bathing Hikes Asheville Wellness Tours
Forest Bathing and Yoga Hikes by Asheville Wellness Tours

Asheville Salt Cave: The only salt therapy center in the United States made of all-natural crystal salt from Poland that creates an enriching micro-climate, enhancing relaxation, rehabilitation, and balance. Read more on Asheville Salt Cave.

Sound Healing: This practice uses vibrational sounds from instrumental gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, and tuning forks to relax your mind and body. It’s said to relieve anxiety and insomnia, among other ailments. Asheville Salt Cave hosts Sound Healing Concerts in the cave for guests to experience, along with other spas and meditation centers. Read more about sound healing on our Acupuncture & Healing Arts guide. 

Sound Healing at Om Sanctuary Asheville
Sound Healing at OM Sanctuary in Asheville

Aromatherapy: Essential oils are made from natural plant extracts used for medicinal treatment to promote physical and emotional well-being. Many Asheville Spas integrate aromatherapy into bodywork appts and have them for purchase. You can also do an Archetypal Reading & Blending which is where an aromatherapist guides you through a “blind smelling” of essential oil blends to find your archetype scent. Many aromatherapists in Asheville offer this in group sessions for a fun, informative, and enlightening experience. You can also purchase these custom blends to take home with you. Great for bridal parties or a girl's weekend experience!
Aromatherpay Asheville Wellness Tours
Archetypal Reading & Blending by Asheville Wellness Tours & River Island Apothocary

Soaks & Floats

  • Natural Hot Mineral Tubs
    Travelers have journeyed to Hot Springs, the natural mineral hot springs about 36 miles north of Asheville, since the late 1700s. Before that, the Cherokee Indians revered its magical, healing carbonated waters. Today, you can soak in the same water, naturally heated underground along a volcanic fault line to a perfect 98-102 degrees. Book an hour or two in a private hot tub by the French Broad River and watch your stress and fatigue melt away. It's located on the Appalachian Trail in the cool small village of Hot Springs. Learn more about the history.
  • Japanese-Style Hot Tubs
    Soak away your stress at Shoji Spa, the only outdoor Japanese-style retreat on the east coast, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This unpretentious and unique day spa features completely private Salt hydrotherapy tubs, wet cedar sauna, and invigorating double cold showers - all on the edge of the National Forest. Shoji’s world-class licensed massage and bodywork therapists provide massages such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Four Hands, Hot Stone, Prenatal, and Japanese and Thai-inspired elements of Thai and Shiatsu in combination with other massages. A variety of spa packages and Shoji’s Signature Tub Side Tea Service are also available.
  • Salt Floats 
    Experience deep relaxation through warm salt water floatation with sensory deprivation. The Epsom salt allows you to float effortlessly while pulling tension from overworked muscles. The lack of stimulation allows you to just “be” and unwind. Still Point Wellness offers personalized packages for couples and individuals including massage, Far Infrared sauna sessions, and more.

Astrology Readings

Western North Carolina is filled with psychics, intuitive tarot card readers, and astrologers. From akashic records to reading your birth chart, astrologers can provide information for you to work with the energies of the solar system and tap into your truest self. Tarot readings are offered in individual or group sessions and often combine intention-setting and guided meditation as part of the experience. Dobra Tea in Downtown Asheville hosts a Tea & Tarot event for an enlightening and fun tarot experience.

Top Wellness Experiences in and around Asheville

Asheville Salt Cave
Asheville Salt Cave & Spa
Experience a unique oasis in Asheville, a salt-enriched microclimate that allows the body and mind to gain relaxation and balance. The power of salt therapy has been known for centuries. Plus, get a hot salt stone massage and other spa treatments. Read more in our full-page feature on the Salt Cave.
Asheville Wellness Tour
Asheville Wellness Tours
Specializing in crafting custom itineraries with a variety of experiences like yoga hikes, private group yoga, forest bathing, tarot readings, mobile massage, essential oil blending, downtown walking tour, and more. Virtual offerings include meditation sessions, private yoga classes, and cooking classes. Join one of their socially distanced experiences or let them handcraft an itinerary for your group.  
Shoji Hot Tub Retreat & Spa
Shoji Hot Tub Retreat & Spa
Soak away your stress in a private hot tub under a canopy of trees, dip into an invigorating cold plunge and relax in the cedar sauna. After your soak, get a customized massage and a variety of treatments. Located just ten minutes from downtown Asheville.
Namaste in Nature
Namaste in Nature Yoga Hikes
A unique Asheville experience that combines yoga, hiking & meditation with the best mountains, waterfalls, sunsets, full moons, and the vortex in Western North Carolina. Open to beginners, women, men, couples, families and small groups for 2 or 3-hour yoga hikes during weekdays and weekends, year-round. Mats & pictures included. Private groups and private yoga classes are also available.
Hot Springs Soak NC
Hot Springs Mineral Soak
Soak in the natural hot mineral springs by the river, used by visitors for centuries seeking the legendary healing powers. Located about an hour's drive north of Asheville on the Appalachian Trail.
Wake Foot Sanctuary
Wake Foot Sanctuary
Located in the heart of Asheville’s shopping district, this unique communal space allows you to take a break from exploring the city, cozy up in a plush chair and enjoy a custom foot soak made from essential oils, dried herbs and botanicals. Sip on hot tea with treats while you soak. Add on massage by a licensed massage therapist and soak up the bliss!
OM Sanctuary Asheville
OM Sanctuary Retreats
This center for self-renewal in Asheville has inspiring outdoor spaces like labyrinth gardens, stone paths, patios, waterfall fountains, green space, and woodland trails. They offer aromatherapy, massage, energy work, guided meditation, yoga, tai chi, guided hikes, belly dancing, tarot readings, and more. Choose from a variety of retreat options ranging from large groups to individual packages that include one overnight stay, light breakfast, Holistic Class, and contemplative destinations.
Skyterra Wellness Retreats
Skyterra Wellness Retreats
Retreat to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a week of self-care! Stress management, fitness, spa, and culinary experts help you relax and break old habits that no longer serve you. Whether it's weight loss, yoga, hiking, or healthy, chef-prepared food that interests you, Skyterra guides you towards sustainable lifestyle changes at a 300-acre wooded campus of pristine trails and waterfalls. From $3150/week per person - all-inclusive with programming, lodging, three delicious chef-prepared meals daily catered to your dietary needs and preferences, snacks, and refreshments.
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