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Hidden away in Asheville is a surprising man-made salt cave, a peaceful retreat for therapeutic rest and healing. Some 20 tons of natural crystal salt from Poland creates an enriched micro-climate that enhances relaxation, rehabilitation, and balance. It's the only salt therapy center in the United States made of all-natural materials. The 9-foot tall cave is made of only salt, wood, and water - complete with twinkling stars overhead. Salt rock crystals weighing 6 ounces to 300 pounds cover the floor, walls, and ceiling. All five senses are engaged in the healing power of nature.

Asheville Salt Cave

Salt Therapy, also known as speleotherapy or halotherapy, has been utilized for the treatment of many ailments such as allergies, asthma, congestion, depression, arthritis, stress, migraines, and much more. Crystal salt is wholesome, unaltered, natural salt, as it has crystallized in the Earth over millions of years. Natural pure crystal salt contains all the elements and minerals of the human body. It's easy to see why this is one of our favorite Asheville Spas and places for holistic wellness.

Asheville Salt Cave
Get a couple's massage in the additional smaller salt cave.

The temperature in the cave is kept at 70 degrees, with humidity of 50-60%, making it completely sustainable and keeps the cave growing (photo above). Relax on blankets on the floor or lounge chairs during your 45-minute session, and drift away with the sounds of relaxing music and water features. Only ten people are allowed for each session, so be sure to book well in advance!

Session cost: $33/person Saturday or Sunday. $25/person Monday. $22/person Tuesday and Thursday. Closed Wednesdays. 45-minute sessions begin on the hour, and you can extend your therapy with a hot salt stone massage, reiki, or reflexology before or after. Or indulge in a private couples massage inside the salt cave. Weekends often book well in advance. So make reservations early. Visit midweek for the lowest rates. 

Asheville Salt Cave

New for 2020: Hammam Steam Room
Enjoy a relaxing treatment in their newly built Hammam Steam Room! Inspired by ancient Turkish and Moroccan bathing traditions, this treatment is designed to detoxify and exfoliate the skin while restoring the body and the mind. Sessions start at $50/person for the hammam. 

**Private salt cave and Hamman sessions available.

For more info and to book your visit, go to their website.

Asheville Salt Cave

Their Salt Market features many unique Himalayan salt products, including a big variety of natural Himalayan salt lamps in various sizes for home therapy. Salt lamps help neutralize the positive ions emitted by electronic devices and air conditioners. When heated, the lamps release salutary trace elements which are essential to our systems. For more info, go to their website.

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