Asheville Museum of Science

Asheville Museum of Science

This small science learning center in downtown Asheville is big on interesting knowledge. See specimens from around the world, including 350 minerals found in North Carolina such as kyanite, quartz, corundum, beryl, mica, feldspar and itacolumite, the bending rock. Explore the geology of North Carolina and the entire Earth. The exhibits cover volcanoes, earthquakes, plate tectonics and general geologic processes, including those that formed the mountains of Western North Carolina.

The Asheville Museum of Science's gem collection includes more than 1,000 cut gemstones from around the world, including specimens from North Carolina. Garnet, morganite, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, hiddenite, stibiotantalite, tourmaline and topaz are just some of the breathtaking gemstones on display.

Asheville Museum of Science Dinosaur Fossil

See a cast of the Teratophoneus Curriei discovered in Utah in 2011, a great-great grandfather to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Fossils dating back as far as 600 million years have been found in North Carolina.

Asheville Museum of Science

Learn about weather events and patterns in Western North Carolina and the Southeastern United States.

Climb into the canopy of the Southern Appalachian Forest Exhibit while exploring the biodiversity of the our area. View the exhibit floor from a one-of-a-kind bird’s nest, nestled amongst the trees as you climb around the forest maze and slide from canopy to forest floor on a 10-foot slide.

It's located in the Wells Fargo Building, at the corner of Patton & Battery Park (43 Patton Avenue). Admission is $8 adults and $7 seniors, students, children. They will be open Monday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 1-5.

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