Roadside Waterfalls near Asheville

Easy to See Waterfalls: Roadside or Short Walk

While most of the waterfalls near Asheville in the North Carolina mountains require a long hike to enjoy, here are five roadside beauties that are accessible for all to see! Plus, see eight more that can be viewed with a short walk from the car. (Photo above is Walker Falls.)

Roadside Waterfalls near Asheville

Dry Falls
Dry Falls
This spectacular 75-ft. waterfall has two great features: it's roadside and you can walk behind it! It's located in the Nantahala National Forest along US Highway 64 near Highlands.
Looking Glass Falls
Looking Glass Falls
Roadside 60-ft. waterfall in Pisgah National Forest along the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway. Enjoy from the parking area or take the steps down for an up-close look. 10 miles from Blue Ridge Parkway.
Bridal Veil Falls, Highlands
Bridal Veil Falls, Highlands
Located on the Waterfall Byway, stop to walk behind this roadside cascade. It's located near Highlands. Just a mile away, walk behind a much bigger Dry Falls, along US Highway 64.
Walker Falls NC
Walker Falls
Roadside 40-ft. waterfall en route to Douglas Falls in Pisgah National Forest, north of Asheville, along a scenic woodlands drive. 
Shunkawauken Falls
Shunkawauken Falls
This 150-ft. waterfall cascades down a mountainside beside the road, so you enjoy it from your car as you drive by! It's located near Columbus, about 10 miles from Pearson's Falls.
Toxaway Falls
Toxaway Falls
This roadside waterfall can be viewed from the top on a walkway along US Highway 64 at Lake Toxaway, located between Brevard and Cashiers.
Waterfalls Park, Newland NC
Waterfalls Park
See multiple cascades at the roadside Waterfalls Park in Newland, complete with picnic tables. Three falls total about 50 ft., with a short trail to get a closer look at the different tiers.
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More Waterfalls Via a Short Walk (click names for complete guides)

Silver Run Falls: Located a few miles south of Cashiers in the Nantahala National Forest, walk just a quarter of a mile on a mostly level trail. It's a great wading spot for kids of all ages.

Soco Falls: This twin waterfall is along the highway between Maggie Valley and Cherokee. A short, paved trail leads to an observation deck. 

Upper Whitewater Falls: See this 411-ft. beauty from across the valley via a quarter-mile paved trail. 

Tom's Creek Falls: This Pisgah Forest National Park waterfall is an easy half-mile hike, located near Little Switzerland. 

Second / Lower Falls: Located along the Blue Ridge Parkway, hike about 1/3 of a mile down to the base of this waterfall. There are some stairs and uphill sections on the way back. 

French Broad Falls: See a twin waterfall tucked away behind a retreat, just a short walk from the road. 

Elk River Falls: This popular swimming hole is a short walk from the parking area. Easy stroll to the top of the waterfall. Short, but steep, trail to the base.

Google Map of These Easy-to-See Waterfalls

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