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Rainbow Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfall settings in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This 150-ft. tall waterfall is impressive, especially after rainy weather that swells the Horsepasture River. The best feature of Rainbow Falls is the ability for visitors to experience the falls from the front, bottom, side and top! Located in the Pisgah National Forest, adjacent to Gorges State Park, Rainbow Falls is just one of a series of cascades and waterfalls on a two-mile stretch of the river. The park is in the Sapphire community, near Lake Toxaway, and about 55 miles from downtown Asheville.

Rainbow Falls, NC

When the water is low, there are plenty of rocks for picnics.

Be careful! Please use common sense and do not climb up the rock face, jump from the cliff or wade in water above the falls. Someone dies about every year doing one of those. See more waterfall safety tips.

Just a quarter-mile upstream is Turtleback Falls, a popular natural water slide. And less than a quarter-mile downstream is Hidden Falls, a serene swimming pool.

The Hike
To reach Rainbow Falls, you'll need to hike 1.5 miles from Gorges State Park at the Grassy Ridge Parking area (drive about 2 miles after entering the park). Look for the cluster of information boards at the end of the parking lot. The trail to Rainbow Falls begins there, blazed with orange circles until you reach the National Forest - about half way. Then the trail is easy to follow with a creek crossing that can be a wet one when the water is high. This section is gradual downhill, so the trek back will mostly uphill.

When you near the river (about 2/3 of a mile), be sure to follow the trail up river (toward your right). Hike by the many cascades with a few steep sections with stairs. Hidden Falls is just a few steps from the trail, before the last hill up to Rainbow Falls. Enjoy a full view of the Rainbow from the trail. Plus, there are side trails that take you for a closer view from the base and side of the falls. Just past the main view of the falls, look for a side trail to the left that takes you to a wooden platform viewing area. It's a rare treat to get this close to a big waterfall. Overall, I would rate the hike difficulty as "moderate".

Extend the Hike: To see another nearby waterfall, add a strenuous half-mile round-trip to see Stairway Falls.

Rainbow Falls Gorges State Park

Yes, you'll see a rainbow in the mist on many sunny days - especially when the water is high. The rainbow is often brightest with the lower angle of the morning sun. This area is a temperate rain forest with 90 inches of rain a year. So, expect showers on many summer days, especially in the afternoon.

After exploring the falls from the front and side, continue on the trail upriver to Turtleback Falls. Do not jump from the cliffs or get too close to the river's edge since rocks are slick and currents are strong.

Return and walk back the same trail to reach your car at Gorges. Just eight miles from Gorges State Park is Upper Whitewater Falls, part of the highest waterfall in the eastern USA. See more of the best waterfalls in western North Carolina.

Horsepasture River, NC
The beautiful section just above Rainbow Falls.

Gorges State Park is approximately 55 miles southwest of Asheville (1.5 hours driving time). From Asheville, reach the park from I-26, taking exit 40 onto NC 280 (airport exit) and traveling west to Brevard. Follow US 64 West through downtown Brevard toward Sapphire. Turn south on NC 281 in Sapphire; the western park entrance is .7-mile on the left. Street address: 976 Grassy Ridge Rd, Sapphire, NC 28774. Don't use GPS since it's often not reliable in remote mountain areas.

Check out this 360 video of Rainbow Falls by our friends at Hike NC With Me

Watch our Rainbow Falls Video #1: Summer with lower water flow

Watch video #2 of Rainbow Falls: Flowing big after heavy rain, with a full rainbow. 

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