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2022 UPDATE: Not currently offering tours. Check back for updates!

Take a safari-type farm tour to see Buffalo (Bison), Watusi, Camels and more animals you don't expect to see in the North Carolina mountains - just 11 miles from downtown Asheville! Dr. King's Farm (home of Carolina Bison meats found in many restaurants and grocery stores) offers guided tours on Tuesday-Saturday from Spring through Fall. Ride a tractor-pulled open air wagon for a very close-up look.

Camel Farm Asheville

The 500-acre farm on rolling hills is home to American Buffalo (Bison), rare White Bison, rare Black Bison, camels, African Watusi, North American Elk and Himalayan Yak. The 1.5-hour tour starts at 10 AM and takes you through several pastures with stops to feed the Bison and Watusi. They come running when they see the tour coming! You stay safely in the wagon while they gather all around to get their treats. The tour also includes a stop at the camel barn.

Buffalo Farm Tour

Here are some tips for Dr. King's farm tour:

  • It's fun for all ages!
  • Advance reservations are required, at least 24 hours ahead. 
  • Arrive by 9:45 AM since the wagon leaves at 10 AM sharp.
  • Bring your camera!
  • Check in at the office and sign a waiver. Inside the office, find some souvenirs and meats that you can buy.
  • If there is a threat of rain, bring a raincoat or jacket. Tours are rain or shine.
  • Wear sunscreen and hats since there is little shade on the tour.
  • Bring bottles of water.
  • Cancellations must be received by phone or email no later than 8 AM on the day of your tour for a refund.

With prehistoric roots dating back to the Ice Age, the North American Bison were called “good medicine” by the Native Americans, who relied on them for survival. At the beginning of the 1800s, millions of bison roamed North America. Humans slaughtered an estimated 50 million bison for their meat or hides. The overhunting the bison reduced their population to hundreds. Farming of bison has increased their population to nearly 150,000. The bison you will see are 100% pure, free-range and all natural grass fed. 

Watusi Farm, Asheville

Native to Africa, Watusi is a 8,000-year-old breed is called the “Cattle of Kings" and believed to have many health benefits for us humans, including anti-aging possibilities. Watusi cattle have the largest horns in the world, measuring more than eight feet in total length and 20-30 inches in circumference.

Cost is $16/adult and $11/children & seniors. To book a tour for two, call 828-772-9274. For groups of four or more, go to their website to book.

You can GPS the location at 356 Ridgeview Rd, Leicester, NC 28748. You cannot see animals without signing up for a tour! Quick drive from West Asheville.

More about Dr. King
Dr. King is a fourth-generation farmer with graduate degrees in naturopathy and chiropractic in 1979. On a mission to improve the health of his patients using natural methods, Dr. King began prescribing bison meat with astonishing results. As an alternative to commercial red meat, bison provided such superior nutrition to his patients, that they commonly experienced more energy, fewer digestive issues, and increased immune function. He was convinced that connecting to the diet of ancient man was an important key to health. During that time, he also made innovative breakthroughs in homeopathic medicine. In 1989, he relocated to North Carolina, where he founded King Bio, a natural medicine company, so he could provide the public with his new contemporary homeopathic formulas based in pure water. He continues to research the health benefits of all the animals he raises, including milk from camels. 

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