Blue Ridge Parkway Map, NC

Blue Ridge Parkway Map - Asheville Area

Here are parts of the official Blue Ridge Parkway map, with Milepost numbers every ten miles. The first map is the section north of Asheville to Grandfather Mountain. See our mile-by-mile list of Parkway things to do. Also, download a PDF of the entire official Blue Ridge Parkway Map (15 MB).

Blue Ridge Parkway Map Asheville

Here's a map of the Blue Ridge Parkway section south of Asheville to the Great Smoky Mountains:

Blue Ridge Parkway Map South Asheville

Parkway Entrances & Exits in Asheville

You'll find entrances and exits to the Blue Ridge Parkway at most state and federal highway crossings. One exception is the intersection of Interstates 40 and 26. They do not provide direct access, but have signage to lead you. In Asheville, there are four primary entrances to the Parkway:

  • Milepost 382.6: US Highway 70 crosses, the Folk Art Center is a short drive north. The best entrance for I-40 heading west.
  • Milepost 384.7: US 74A, the best entrance from I-40 heading east.
  • Milepost 388.8: US 25 crosses, from the Parkway, Biltmore is three miles north.
  • Milepost 393.6: NC 191 crosses, the nearest entrance from I-26. The North Carolina Arboretum is located at this intersection.

Car GPS units do not work well on the Parkway since the Parkway does not use street addresses. But you can find everything easily by the mileposts and an old fashion map!

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