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Juniper - Itinerary Planning

Summer, a WNC native, can help you plan your bachelorette weekend in Western North Carolina. She crafts custom group itineraries that will save you time, help you discover local gems, and allow you to make the most of your weekend away. You won’t need to spend hours searching for the best group restaurant, hike, or activities—she will do the work for you—and every member of your group will have the mobile-friendly itinerary on their device.

Crafted by Juniper
Additionally, she can provide accommodation recommendations and full concierge services, booking all of your dining, activities, and transportation for you, if that is helpful! Juniper services save the bride and her guests research and planning time. Summer, the owner of Juniper, stays up-to-date and current with new and exciting area openings and opportunities for visitors and groups. Summer is passionate about guests having personalized and curated WNC experiences, so every visitor starts with a questionnaire of preferences and interests in various food, beverage, and activities.

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