LEAF Global Arts Retreat

Just as spring warms up, it's time to head to historic Lake Eden in Black Mountain for the family-friendly LEAF Global Arts Retreat. They limit attendance to 1,500 folks, so it's an intimate gathering. There's plenty of space to kick back, relax, play, camp, and connect with global arts, music, culture, and nature.

For tickets and information, visit LEAF's website.

Artist lineup includes: CIMAFUNK (Afro-Cuban Funk), BIG RICHARD (All-Female Bluegrass Quartet), BLACK OPRY (Black Americana Artist Collective), GANGSTAGRASS (Bluegrass/Hip Hop Fusion), PIERCE FREELON (Grammy-nominated Family Music Artist).

More LEAF favorites will be there, including Mama and the Ruckus, Andre Lassalle, Carol Rifkin, Chinobay of Uganda & Dance of Hope, Ménage, Danza Azteca Chichimeca, Charly Lowry, James Navé, Cactus of 23 Skidoo, McKinney, Street Creature Puppet Collective, Sarauniya Zulu, Adama Dembele, Monika Guerra, Min Xiao Fen & River Guerguerian, Dr. Aditi Sethi, Haviken Hayes, Lisa Smith, Toybox Theatre Puppetry Slam, David LaMotte, Masankho Banda, Jeff Firewalker & Eagle Condor Council, Flamenco Appalachia, Sun Soo Martial Arts, Mountain Circus Arts, Unifire Theatre, Playing with Fyre, Asheville Jazz Orchestra, LEAF Singer-Songwriter Competition, LEAF International Ivory Coast, and many more.

Learn more about the artists and FAQ about LEAF on their website. 

Cimafunk - AfroCuban Funk

Cimafunk - Afro Cuban Funk for Your Soul.


Black Opry - Black Country, Blues and Folk Music.

Black Opry - Black Country, Blues, and Folk Music.