Chow Chow Asheville Food Festival

Chow Chow: Asheville Food Festival

June 23-26 | August 4-7 | September 8-11, 2022

A delicious culinary event series returns for its third year in Asheville! Chow Chow showcases our creative culinary scene with 25 summer events happening over three long weekends in June, August, and September.  This immersive series will feature a mix of tasting events, five-course dinners, hands-on workshops, and more! Meet and connect with the makers and collaborators who nourish, nurture, and create in our Appalachian Mountains. (Feature photo courtesy of Stephan Pruitt Photography)

Chow Chow Food Festival Asheville
Photo courtesy of Life of Lindsey

The 2022 series will bring together nationally and locally recognized chefs, farmers, millers, bakers, artists, brewers, professional beverage makers, and more. The series will spark conversations around issues that impact our community including food justice, racial justice, and climate change with a vision for an equitable and thriving regional food system here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ticket Sales from Chow Chow directly support the Asheville community. 

Chow Chow Food Festival Asheville
Photo courtesy of Stephan Pruitt Photography

Guests can enjoy immersive in-person experiences celebrating the unique culinary style of Southern Appalachia through tastings, tapas, flights, multi-course dinners, brunches, and more. You can also take part in educational experiences in the form of classes, workshops, and demos. See below for a line-up of events.

Chow Chow Food Festival Asheville
Photo courtesy of @savvymarketingavl

Chow Chow 2022 Schedule of Events 

June 23-26 Weekend

  • June 23: Opening Party @ Atelier Maison, 5:30-8 PM $100/person
  • June 24: Diaspora @ Atelier Maison, 5:30-8 PM, $60/person
  • June 25: Appalachian Homemade Wines Seminar @ Botanist & Barrel, 9-11 AM, $25/person
  • June 25: Entrepreneurs of Color @ Atelier Maison, 11:30 AM-2 PM, $60/person
  • June 25: Food as Medicine @ Atelier Maison, 6-9 PM, $150/person
  • June 26: Cherokee Fry Bread Workshop @ Asheville Masonic Temple, 9-11 AM, $50/person
  • June 26: Appalachian Pride Brunch @ Smoky Park Supper Club, 11:30 AM-2 PM, $125/person
  • June 26: Sunday Supper Series: Food @ Atelier Maison, 4-6:30 PM, Free + Donations welcome

August  4-7 Weekend

  • Aug 4: Chow Chow Movie Night: Ratatouille @ Rabbit Rabbit, 7-9 PM, Free
  • Aug 5: Around the Campfire @ WNC Farmers Market, 5:30-8 PM, $60/person
  • Aug 6: Handmade Tamale Workshop @ White Labs, 9-11 AM, $50/person
  • Aug 6: Nourishing Community @ WNC Farmers Market, 11:30 AM-2 PM, $60/person
  • Aug 6: Sowing Seeds of Equity @ Hickory Nut Gap Farm, 6-9 PM, $150/person
  • Aug 7: Cooking with Scraps Seminar @ Asheville Masonic Temple, 9-11 AM, $25/person
  • Aug 7: Corn: A Cross-Cultural Celebration @ Highland Brewing Company, 11:30 AM-2 PM, $125/person
  • Aug 7: Sunday Supper Series: Shelter @ WNC Farmers Market, 4-6:30 PM, Free + Donations

September 8-11 Weekend

  • Sept 8: Food Stories @  Smoky Park Supper Club, 6-9 PM, $150/person
  • Sept 9: Dynamic Women @ Smoky Park Supper Club, 5:30-8 PM, $60/person
  • Sept  10: Zero Proof & 100% Delicious Seminar @ Devil's Foot, 9-11 AM, $25/person
  • Sept 10: From Our Heart To Yours @ Smoky Park Supper Club, 11:30-2 PM, $60/person
  • Sept 10: The Mystery of Malinda Russel @ Smoky Park Supper Club, 6-9 PM, $150/person
  • Sept 11: Easy As Pie Workshop @  Baked Pie Company, 9-11 AM, $50/person
  • Sept 11: Taking Care @ Smoky Park Supper Club, 11:30 AM-2 PM, $125/person
  • Sept 11: Sunday Supper Series: Water @  Smoky Park Supper Club, 4-6:30 PM, Free + Donations
  • Sept 12: Closing Party @  Smoky Park Supper Club, 3-6 PM (INVITE ONLY)

Go to the Chow Chow website for event details and to purchase tickets.

Chow Chow Food Festival Asheville
Photo courtesy of @savvymarketingavl

Asheville was named “New Top City for Wine in the United States” by The Travel Channel. The area receives many accolades for innovative and local food. Southern Living has listed Asheville among the “Tastiest Towns in the South.” 

Why call it Chow Chow? It's a pickled relish popular in southern Appalachia, is a resourceful condiment whose ingredients vary from family to family and region to region. Often prepared in the warmer months, a mix of vegetables is chopped, combined, and preserved. By the time cold weather hits, all of the ingredients have come together to create something better than the sum of its parts. Universally, chow can mean ‘to eat’—joyfully, without abandon, and in good company.

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