Biltmore Estate Snow Day: Photo Tour

Biltmore Snow Day: Photo Tour

Snow days on Biltmore Estate make the famous castle and grounds even more enchanting. While bigger snows are rare (maybe one a season) since Biltmore is located in a valley protected by the higher Blue Ridge Mountains, some light snows usually occur each winter. We are delighted that when most places close for snow, Biltmore usually always stays open. Their outdoors crew is out plowing roads and shoveling sidewalks immediately. So go play in the snow and capture some postcard photos. Since few people visit when it snows, it's a great time to tour.

Biltmore House Snow B&W

This view of Biltmore House from the Lagoon is simply spectacular. If the snow is deep, you'll need a four-wheel drive to take the short detour off the main road. Or you can walk from the main road. 

Biltmore House Snow Italian Garden

Bring your snow boots for walks through the Biltmore Gardens. The statues and pools in the Italian Garden covered in white look very different from the colorful summer blooming months.

Biltmore gardens Snow

While most of the Walled Garden plants are dormant (and 50,000 tulips underground await spring), you'll find interesting shapes and colors to showcase the snowfall. Warm up inside the tropical Conservatory.

Biltmore Estate Snow

A walk around the Bass Pond is a must, including a stop in the Boathouse for the view. You can either walk from the House or park along the main road adjacent to the trail.

Biltmore Snow Walk

Bundle up for a winter hike. In addition to the many paths through the gardens, there are many trails throughout the estate - including many that begin at Antler Hill Village.

Biltmore Estate Snow Drive

The drive through the estate is breathtaking with the snow-covered landscape. While crews plow the drive immediately after a snow, a four-wheel drive is best after a big snow. For light snows, any front wheel drive car should make it through fine.

Biltmore Estate Snow Pasture

Stop along the drive to see pastures and views of the mountains and river.

Biltmore House Snow Fall Color

While snow is more common in January and February, we've seen snow in late October and early April. A snow during Christmas at Biltmore is a rare and very exciting treat.

Biltmore House Snow

Enjoy your snow day at Biltmore. For more ideas of things to do in January-March, go to our Biltmore Winter Guide.

Video: Biltmore Snow Day (Feb 2014, 8.5 minutes)

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